Bomb Diggity!!! THE HATEFUL EIGHT (Official Teaser Trailer)

Do we really need to say anything here?  Watch/Repeat/Kick Rocks Til Jan.

In Select Theaters on Christmas Day & Everywhere On January 8th, 2016

In THE HATEFUL EIGHT, set six or eight or twelve years after the Civil War, a stagecoach hurtles through the wintry Wyoming landscape. The passengers, bounty hunter John Ruth (Russell) and his fugitive Daisy Domergue (Leigh), race towards the town of Red Rock where Ruth, known in these parts as “The Hangman,” will bring Domergue to justice. Along the road, they encounter two strangers: Major Marquis Warren (Jackson), a black former union soldier turned infamous bounty hunter, and Chris Mannix (Goggins), a southern renegade who claims to be the town’s new Sheriff. Losing their lead on the blizzard, Ruth, Domergue, Warren and Mannix seek refuge at Minnie’s Haberdashery, a stagecoach stopover on a mountain pass. When they arrive at Minnie’s, they are greeted not by the proprietor but by four unfamiliar faces. Bob (Bichir), who’s taking care of Minnie’s while she’s visiting her mother, is holed up with Oswaldo Mobray (Roth), the hangman of Red Rock, cow-puncher Joe Gage (Madsen), and Confederate General Sanford Smithers (Dern). As the storm overtakes the mountainside stopover, our eight travelers come to learn they may not make it to Red Rock after all…


Top 10 of All Time, #1: “Review: Nixon Supertide Watch”

As much as the allure of a surfer’s lifestyle taunts me on a daily basis… my extracurricular activities are sadly limited, and tossing my worldly woes into that big, bad beautiful blue sea will be left to others.  But wait… just because I don’t surf doesn’t mean that many of our loyal readers don’t!  So, when the opportunity to review a potentially amazing piece of surf-tech came up, we had to answer… enter: the DonkeyFish.  A good friend to the WGUB, and a man devoted to all things surf.  Few know their way around a board n’ wave quite like DF.  So I gave him today’s sweet gear… and here are his thoughts…


A watch that can tell the tide?  Who in the heck needs one of those?  Well, for your information, sailors, clam diggers and surfers, that’s who!  And while I can proudly brag I’ve done all three, surfing is the only activity I have done more than once.  In fact, my life revolves around surfing, so it makes perfect sense for me to package the time and tide together around my wrist.


Over the years I have owned three different tide watches and have found problems with all three:

  • Rip Curl’s Tidemaster was a pretty watch, but I couldn’t figure out what the moonphase and other dials did, and it always seemed to be off on the tide prediction.
  • Shark’s Tide 3.0 ($90) had nice functionality, but I broke three of them before I finally called it quits.
  • Nixon’s Lowdown ($125 and my current watch).  I’ve been generally happy with the Lowdown, but there were a few features that I often found myself saying “if only Nixon would have done this…” 
  • Enter Nixon’s Supertide ($200).  It was if Nixon knew exactly what my complaints with the Lowdown were.  They even thought of a few improvements that hadn’t occurred to me.  Maybe that’s why I don’t make watches for a living.

Here are the improvements:

  1. Less buttons.  Three to be exact, and they somehow manage to do everything you need the watch to do.
  2. Actual time and tide height predictions on the screen.  You are just one click away from knowing the time and height of the next for low/high tides.
  3. Higher screen resolution, which allows the Supertide to display the tide fonts on the screen in a very clear format.

Side by side of the Lowdown (left) and Supertide (right). You can see the size difference and increased visibility of the Supertide from the high-resolution screen.

New features:

  1. The tidal graph represents daytime with light graphics and night with a black screen.  Since you cannot surf in the dark this makes total sense and helps you figure out what the tides are doing during the day and the next day.
  2. A sunrise and sunset screen.  This is simply brilliant, and I love it for two reasons.  Since I work during the day, I really only have two options to surf: before or after work.  Knowing when the sun rises helps me set the alarm so I maximize my surf before work.  Maybe their next version will have a feature where you can press a button and have the watch’s alarm sync with the sunrise!  As for the sunset information, I can now, after receiving 30 text messages at work from friends letting me know how good the surf is, rush home and negotiate with the wife for an evening surf session.  When she asks when I will be back, I can click the sunrise/sunset feature up on the watch and show her when the sun sets.  WA LA!  Now, just like when your mom used to say you had to return home when the street lights came on, you have a clear time when you have to return from surfing.  Any surfer knows this is the #1 way to stay out of the doghouse.
  3. No stopwatch.  Yep, you heard me, no stopwatch.  I was confused at first too, but think about it, this is a surfing watch, not a jogging watch.

Improved tide feature of the watch. You can now easily see when low/high tide will be, and the light part of the graph represents daylight hours

Functionality – I’ve never been a fan of big watches, and the Supertide somehow pushes the limit without quite breaking it.   Let me just say I wouldn’t want the watch to be any larger.  The soft silicone band feels good, and I was able to get my wetsuit over the watch no problem.  In fact, the larger watch face seemed to help when I lifted my frozen fingers out of the 50 degree ocean and tried to pry the wetsuit sleeve up to check the time.  I was able to read the time no problem in the water, and the light was bright enough to read the time at night.

The Supertide under the wetsuit (top) and visible after pulling the sleeve to the side (bottom)

Screen Modes:

The normal screen has the day, month/year, time and graphical representation of the tide for what appears to be about a 30 hour period.

  • Click 1 – Enlarges the tidal graph and shows the time and height of the next four high/low tides.  The time and date remain on the screen.
  • Click 2 – Shows the sunrise & sunset times.
  • Click 3 – Is a countdown timer for surf contest heats.
  • Click 4 – An alarm.

Final thoughts – When I opened the box, the bright white of the watch threw me off a bit.  I’m all about fashion, but I do work with elected officials on a regular basis and have to fight the surfer image as it is already.  Add a watch that sticks out like a sore thumb (what does that mean anyway?) and I’m gonna hear Spicoli jokes all day long.  Fortunately the watch also comes in black, green, blue and red, so there seems to be a choice for every taste.  This is the fourth Nixon watch I’ve worn over the years, and I have always appreciated Nixon’s ability to balance functionality and fashion.  For some reason, I always get compliments when I wear a Nixon, and imagine the compliments will come soon enough with this watch (remember it is bright white so people can’t miss it!!!)

Overall, the watch delivers as advertised and is priced competitively with other brands. If you are in the market for a tide watch, take the time to check out the Supertide.  If you cannot decide between the Lowdown and Supertide, spend the extra $75 bucks on the Supertide.  It is worth every penny.

Top 10 of All Time, #2: “Review: JayBird BlueBuds X — How Rude?”

An Open Letter to JayBird

Dear JayBird,

bbx_1Now you are just being rude!  With all the improvements you’ve made in the Blue Bud X, you are not leaving anything for the other little headphone companies.  Didn’t your mama teach you to share.  What are your little friends going to do if you grab up all the good ideas and horde them?  In elementary school, didn’t they teach you to take turns?  I think it’s about time you let another child have a turn on the swing.  Sure those other kids don’t have your 8 hour battery life or your X-Fit design.  Sure their audio quality is sub-standard and they definitely aren’t sweatproof.  I know they are on the chubby side and often fall out of the ear.  But don’t they deserve love, too?

So, please JayBird have a heart.  Leave some innovations to the other little children so they can feel good about themselves.




The  Real 411:  JayBird has really gotten a little ridiculous with their latest creation, the BlueBuds X ($169.00) — or more affectionately know as BBX.  On paper, these headphones are near perfect.  But after over a month of use, I love them…but they aren’t the end-all-be-all I was hoping for. Here’s the skinny:

Wireless and SignalPlus: If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you know for working out I love me some Bluetooth Headphones (and hate wires).  However, Bluetooth has its drawbacks.  First, there is a built-in delay, so you can’t really watch video with them unless you really like the Kung Fu Theater out-of-lip-sync effect.  This isn’t a JayBird thing…this is an issue with all Bluetooth headphones I’ve ever tried.  Second, the sound cuts out occasionally because the signal doesn’t make it from your device’s transmitter (my iPhone) to the receiver’s (headphone) antenna.  This is where SignalPlus comes in.  SignalPlus is JayBirds’ new trademarked term for less “cutting out” of the Bluetooth signal.  I’m not sure what they did technically (maybe bigger/better antenna), but it’s definitely an improvement.  I still get an occasional music skip when I do certain dynamic stretches (like supine scorpion for some reason), but it’s definitely better.  The old JayBird Freedom Sprint worked best when used in an armband on the right arm.  The user guide for the BBX says you can wear your player/phone anywhere, but that’s not my experience. When wearing an armband, as I do, I noticed I get much better performance if it’s on the same side as the volume control (which can be the left or right, depending on if you use the over-the-ear or under-the-ear configuration).

ear-middle-bbxSecure Fit and X-Fit: Just like the JayBird Freedom Sprints which I reviewed last year, these BBX sport the same “Secure Fit” ear cushion that keeps the buds tightly in your ear. These truly work great.  The new X-Fit feature is kind of two-fold.  First, it means you can wear your BBX headphones in under-the-ear configuration or for better sports performance in the over-the-ear configuration.  Moreover, there are two plastic tabs included that let you tighten the wire so it hugs the back of your head, instead of flopping on your neck.  This may not sound like a big deal, but it really is.  Props to JayBird!  Of course, you could always just tape the wires together so they are shorter (which I did with my Freedom Sprints), but it’s clunky and you can’t easily adjust them…and still is on your neck, just a bit higher.  The new X-Fit tabs are definitely superior when in the over-the-ear configuration and quit possible the best new feature.


Battery Life: Awesome!  JayBird claims 8 hours and it’s true (if not more)!

Voice Prompts: The Jabra Sport headphones I reviewed a while back had voice prompts, like “Battery Low”, “Power On”…  When I got my JayBird Freedom Sprint, I thought I’d be fine without it (honestly, the Battery Low prompt gets annoying…damn nag).  But after a while, I found I missed the beautiful voice.  Well, JayBird got the message.  Introducing Jenna.  Similar voice prompts as the Jabra’s, but more detailed and better.  Now I can’t see how I lived without Jenna!

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Top 10 of All Time, #3: “PaysteeWhite’s Review: Limp Bizkit – Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water”

Top Worst Album Titles of All Time: #1 Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water. #2 nothing. Nothing at all compares to that lame piece of shit. Congrats Limp Bizkit. You even found a way to ruin this list. I could put a red backwards hat on a turd and it would remind me of you.

Top 10 of All Time, #4: “Review: Bonobos Men’s Clothing (Fit Changes Everything)”

As much as I would like to claim that snazzy slogan (Fit Changes Everything) as my own… sadly I cannot.  It likely belongs to some smarty-pants marketing firm or design guy from camp Bonobos.  But, regardless of where it came from… in this instance… it fits!  (pun intended)

To say that we (the guys of theWGUB) are die-hard fashionistas would be a bit of a stretch.  We know what looks great, we quietly sit in our offices idolizing high-society money spenders of the Hollywood elite and we’ve even picked up an item or two after getting high on elegance after a Thursday luncheon at the Ivy on N. Robertson Blvd… but never before have we felt like an actual part of the fashion world like we did when we adorned ourselves in our latest discovery.  Enter… Bonobos.

When we decided that “Dammit… we’re sexy beasts with mad writing skills and we deserve to look the part too….” we did as any fashion conscious geek would do… we started Googling.  The Usual suspects hit our radar; Ralph Lauren, Nautica, True Religion, etc., then we saw it.  The word “Bonobos”.  Intriguing… interesting… absolutely worth further inspection.  So we dug deeper and saw something brilliant… something that sealed any doubt that we may have had about this interestingly named designer.  Their Mission Statement:

We started Bonobos to solve a simple problem: men’s pants just don’t fit well. They’re either too tight to be comfortable or too baggy to look good. But by innovating in a few key areas, we’ve developed a fit that actually looks and feels great for a wide variety of men.

Holy Crap!!!!  These are practically the exact words we said when talking about the crappy state of clothes today.  Everything seems mass-produced for the plumper crowds our country is sadly accepting as the new norm.  An XL today is an XXL from the 50’s (Hell… did they even make an XXL in the 50’s???).  We’ve gotten out of control… and Bonobos recognizes this.  They claim that they make clothes to fit… so, we took them up on their statement and got three items; a regular t-shirt, a pair of travel jeans and swim trunks.  Here’s what we found:

Travel Jeans ($98) – The short answer… most.  comfortable.  jeans.  EVER!!!  The best way I can begin to describe wearing these insanely comfortable pair of jeans is by saying it felt like I didn’t have anything on at all.  (yeah… hope that came out right)  It was like I just covered my legs in some kind of magical fabric woven from angels.  My legs were warm… but far from hot.  It breathed like a bad 80’s mess shirt… but when I spilled water on it beaded up and rolled off.  It stretched… but didn’t look stretchy.  And best of all… I look F’ing fantastic in them!!!  I mean my ass pops, my legs have amazing form and hot-damn I look sexy.  How can this be?  I’ll admit… at that first moment I put them on i thought they were going to be a little restrictive… you know… “down there”.  But once I started moving around everything just worked.  Did I find myself constantly checking myself out in mirrors and random reflections?  Yup.  And the ladies noticed too!!!  Add in the pretty dope selection of colors (that are just colorful enough for style… but not so colorful that your bros will give you funny looks) and Bonobos’ travel jeans series are rocking.  $98 sounds like a lot at first… but you will absolutely wear these all the time.  I’ve had them for 2 months now and after plenty of wear, combined with several washings… they look as fantastic and are as equally comfortable as the day I first pulled them on.  Magic!

Bonobos Est. 2007 Navy T ($28) – Then I put on the T-shirt… WTF!!!!  It’s almost as if they weave their fabric with shrooms… once the material presses up against your skin the sensation of unicorn hair and Mermaid kisses cause sexy-nipple-hardening chills to course across your chest.  What is this?  There is no way this is merely 100% cotton!!!!  NO WAY!!!  Much like the jeans above… this simple tee fit me with a closeness and delicate embrace I’ve never felt from an item of clothing.  I’d be lying if I didn’t say it gave me a little chub.  Gross?  Maybe… but damn this shirt feels amazing.  It was cut with such exacting measures that it neither bellowed off of me like a poorly fashioned tent… or did it hug me so tightly and uncomfortably that I was afraid my nipples would cut right through them.  There is an undefined softness that elevates this simple t-shirt to the most comfortable thing hanging in my closet.  It makes me feel special.

Low-Tides Midnight Blue Swim Shorts ($65) – Ok… so $65 may seem a little much on a pair of swim-trunks… but let me set you straight guys.  You’re stupid.  When was the last time you bought swim trunks?  Yeah… that’s what I thought.  You buy them once… and wear the shit out of them for 3 months straight for somewhere in the neighborhood of 4-5 years in a row.  Right?  They get punished by pool bleach, sea-water, and (being honest here) you pretty much piss in them every time you put them on.  Ew!  One thing that I quickly realized on my first outing with my pair of Bonobos swim trunks is that they are designed timeless.  Made of the softest and most comfortable Polyester (100%) I’ve ever rested against my junk… these shorts are stylish, durable and (somehow) dry incredibly fast.  How do they do that?!?!  Speaking more towards the style (which, by the way, my ass also looks amazing in)… you can go back in time to 1960, or slip them on in 2015… and they will remain the hottest thing in the water!!  Their pool/beach versatile and can easily be adorned with a tee and flippy-floppies to tackle your neighborhood bar.  You never know when a promp-tu pool party will take place so be prepared.  Oh, and before I forget… it closes up with both velcro and a ridiculously soft draw string so that evil little version of you will stay safely tucked away… regardless of how amazing that last dive was.    PS – Did you see the Banana in the pic?? tee-hee

In the end – I’ve never felt sexier and more stylish than I did when donned from head-to-toe in the badassery that is Bonobos Men’s wear.  So… did it transform me into the living breathing clone of Brad Pitt or George Clooney… hell no.  But it somehow made me feel sexy… which gave me more confidence… which women love.  So… yeah, Bonobos elevated me to the next level of sexy beastery.  And I LOVE IT!!!!

Want to stop by and feel how amazing Bonobos gear is for yourself???  Word!  


The Bonobos Guideshop gives men the opportunity to shop the previously online-only brand in-person with a complimentary Bonobos Guide – an expert trained in fit and style to guide men through the apparel, educate them on fit, and provide style tips to work with their current wardrobe.  Bonobos launched the Guideshop concept to make men’s shopping experience easy and personalized without the premium price tag and time commitment.  Whether guys are rebuilding their entire wardrobe or simply want to discover how Bonobos fits without purchasing, appointments take less than 45-minutes and can just as quickly and easily be scheduled at

Want even more awesome?  Of course you do!!!!  If you reference “WGUB” when booking your appointment, they will give you 20% off your order made through the Guideshop appt.

Check out their Facebook too HERE.

Top 10 of All Time, #5: “4 Hour Body: Tim Ferriss Broke My Heart”

I’m standing at the altar, crying because my bromance with Tim Ferriss has just ended.  His promises of strength, weight loss and speed are riddled with tiny little lies.  “How could you do this to me, Tim Ferriss?  How could you break my heart?”

Okay, enough melodrama.  The reality is that as I researched and tried his experiments, I found inconsistencies and, let’s be nice and call them, exaggerations.  Ferriss understands scientific method and seems to respect the edicts in general.  But then he goes about making false claims and marketing spin…which is a football field away from scientific method.

First Signs of a Problem

I first smelled something fishy when I came to page 425 of his book.  Tim writes, “Even on a steady diet of doubles (sets of two) on Barry’s program, my maximum bench wouldn’t budge.”  This is in the chapter immediately following how to make massive gains using Barry Ross’ protocol (more later).

NEXT Conference

Here’s a blatant example.  Watch his presentation at the NEXT Conference and take note of the following points:

  1. 7:32 — Tim introduces Barry Ross and says “He’s produced many, many world champions and broken dozens of world records.”
  2. 8:13 — Tim says, “Good science is repeatable…[blah, blah]…science is a process.  You follow the scientific method.”
  3. 8:30 — Tim describes Barry’s dead-lift protocol and then says “and I went from a maximum of about 315lbs in a pull to 650 some-odd pounds in between 8 and 12 weeks…and it’s very, very repeatable.”

So, let’s go over these points.

#1, I’ve studied Barry Ross and already know his protocols.  Ross is famous for being Allyson Felix’s high school “weight lifting” coach (not her sprint coach like so many people claim).  He’s a very controversial person in the track and field world…largely because he doesn’t talk about the people he’s worked with and because his approach is very different from the majority of the community (especially his sprint training).  Tim says “many, many” and “dozens”, but from my research “many, many” and “dozens” is a huge exaggeration.  I’ve had several email conversations with Ross over the months and he’s always been pretty straight…until I pushed him about Ferriss’ quote.  At that point, he took the “I’d prefer not to discuss” approach.  He said “I did not make any exaggerations.  But others may or may not have exaggerated about me. Ferris’s did what he felt was appropriate. You’re doing what you feel is appropriate.”

Point #2, he espouses the merit of scientific method.  Awesome!!!  Makes you believe what he says…doesn’t it.

Point #3, he discuss he own personal experience with the protocol…and this is where it get really dirty.  Going from a dead-lift of 315 to 650lbs in 8-12 weeks is AMAZING.  Not just “wow cool” amazing.  But this is Arnold Schwarzenegger on top of Charles Atlas, wrapped in Ivan Drago, sprinkled with Lou Ferrigno.  The WORLD RECORD for the 148.8lb weight class is 702.2lb 165.3lb weight class is just under 750lb.  So, Tim, in only two-to-three months went from a nobody to “world-class”.  Not so fast…I had to investigate.

Smoke and Mirrors

What I found was Tim does a bait and switch on this one.  I tried to find video of Tim dead-lifting and couldn’t (he documents almost everything, so this was a red flag).  I finally found him doing a 585lb “rack pull” and later found an interview where he admits that his 315-to-650 lbs is in the “rack pull” over a six month time period.  The rack pull is a much easier lift. A weight of 650 is not really that impressive…even Tim admits that in another interview.  He says, “Now for world-class power-lifters is that impressive? Or even a national level power-lifters is that impressive? Absolutely not.”  Moreover, he admits that his weak link was his hands.  He said, “I felt like my back was stronger, my body was stronger, but my hands couldn’t hold onto the bar with more than about 300 pounds.”  Smoke and mirrors!!!  Improving grip strength is the majority of the improvements he did…which is really measured in pound of pressure.   Yet, he “sells” it as true dead-lift  improvements which would be Glut and Hamstring improvements…and would be a massive feat (yes, if you listen carefully, he does slip in the word “pull” in his NEXT Conference…but lifters often say they “pulled” when they are talking dead-lift ..and he had just described what a dead-lift was — serious slickery, trickery here).

Baby with the Bathwater

So, did I throw the book away?  No.  There’s still a lot of good stuff in his book.  I still recommend it and will continue to post on our experiments/research.  In fact, I specifically like Barry Ross’s lifting protocol; it will make you stronger.  But the hype…the hype needs to be taken with a grain of salt.  No, not a grain…but a whole shaker full.

Check out more of Doctor Dave’s incredible athletic writing prowess on his blog Sprint 42. There you’ll read a great deal more about how he is getting faster, stronger and healthier using techniques new to the running world….as well as some old-school traditional couching staples.

Top 10 of All Time, #6: “iPhone 6??? It Sure Is!!!”

iPhone 6 Spec Art

While dumpster diving behind Steve Job’s house recently, we came across some top-secret specs of the… are you ready for it????  The iPhone 6…Way before the iPhone 5 iPhone 4s even hits the shelves (October 4th). Here is a quick wrap-up of what we found and even some scans of top-secret doodles.  Apparently Steve Jobs is a really shitty artist.

Will we get sued and put out of business for leaking this info?  Probably… but screw it!!!  We are journalists dedicated to the truth, and our people (that’s you).

Those scans that we found, featuring some pretty incredible tech, for the iPhone 6 are bellow (click on images for a larger view)… and yes, the details for each picture is listed down there as well. You can bet your sweet ass cheeks that we will be camping out like some über Star Wars nerds to pick up this one at midnight..

  1. It will only obey short, one word commands much like a dog. It will also sulk when you yell at it for dropping a call.
  2. Yes, it will provide you with an Asian massage. A complete Asian Massage.
  3. Hidden in the code is a picture of Steve Job’s tumor.
  4. It’s new 20 megapixel camera has x-ray, heat vision, and night vision. As well as target lock function.
  5. It is water, dirt, chemical and outer space proof.
  6. Instead of Bluetooth technology, you will be able to communicate with it telepathically. Yes, you can think about porn and it will show up on your iPhone.
  7. For men it offers a built-in shaver, for woman a home Microdermabrasion kit. However the shaver can only be used on pubes, and the Microdermabrasion on backne.
  8. Hold approximately 1.5 oz. (a single shot) of any liquid
  9. Doubles as a one-time-use taser for debilitating a mugger/robber/drunkwhoresatthebar
  10. Has a 3D screen, for porn.

3D Screen







Top 10 of All Time, #7: “Fat or Fiction — 4 Hour Body diet test”

It’s been over six weeks since we threw down the gauntlet on Tim Ferriss’ book “The 4-Hour Body” and the initial results are mixed.  Our first test was against his most advertised/followed recommendations — the Slow-Carb Diet.  Our results were less than jaw dropping, but it didn’t fail either.  Here’s the tale of our castaways.

Feeling a bit like Gilligan, the Skipper (White Glossy) and I took five passengers on a trip that seemed doomed from the start.  We filled the Minnow with a cross section of society, mostly because that’s all that volunteered, so we had a varied group of weights, heights, and ages (they were all men though, regardless of their nicknames).

Name Weight (lb) % body fat (calipers) % body fat (induction) Height Age
Thurston 209 20.8 23.5 6-2 36
Lovey 210 26.7 26.5 6-0 35
Ginger 165 10.2 5-10 36
Professor 199 20.9 25.5 5-10.5 32
Marianne 164 15.6 5-9 38

Each passenger was asked to read and follow the following diet instructions:  If you’re too much of a lazy-ass to read this link, then here’s the article boiled down to five simple rules:

Rule 1: Avoid “white” carbohydrates (or anything that can be white).
Rule 2: Eat the same few meals over and over again.
Rule 3: Don’t drink calories.
Rule 4: Don’t eat fruit.
Rule 5: Take one day off per week and go nuts.

(You can also find the original Tim Ferris post here — which only had 4 rules and has been revised since…but if you’re looking to read comments, this is the place to check out).

The book includes additional chapters on how to get more from the diet, but the above link is the “core” and that’s all we tested.  A couple people read the other chapters, but no one followed them (includes things like ice baths, taking certain supplements, doing air squats…).  Weight was measured on a Taylor Body Fat Analyzer and Scale.  This was used to also measure Induction based body fat percentages.  However, induction is very inconsistent…varying 4% in just a couple hours.  So, we also used Accu-Measure Calipers from Amazon for $7.95.  They are cheaply made, but they work (once you get the hang of them).  Don’t use the table that comes with the calipers.  Instead, we used a spreadsheet that’s found on The results from the calipers were consistent, but the accuracy seemed a little off.  My gut tells me real body fat is going to be a couple percent higher than what was measured.  Regardless, the goal is to “change” the value through the diet and the calipers worked great for that.

Ferriss’ book jacket says “How to lose 20 pounds in 30 days (without exercise) on the ubersimple Slow-Carb Diet”.  And in his book, he says he’s had plenty of people lose five pounds a week following this diet.  “Five pounds a week” spits in the face of most “experts” who say you shouldn’t try to loose more than 1 pound a week (two at most).  But on this point, I’m with Ferriss.  I personally lost 46lb in ten weeks once for a company weight lose contest…with a couple big caveats.  First, I went all hardcore, consuming between 600-1000 calories a day and exercising very religiously — definitely not an ubersimple, no exercise approach.  The second caveat was that I “worked the system”.  My initial weigh-in was after a big lunch and wearing jeans, shirt, and shoes.  My final weigh-in was after two days of complete dehydration and stripped down to my boxers.  Those caveats alone accounted for over ten pounds…and I’m sure Ferriss’ test group had similar “system workings”.

One thing about Ferriss that I really like is that he’s skeptical, even (and perhaps mostly) of his own work.  Throughout the book, he claims that things could be wrong and that you should be skeptical of everything…so he’s only writing about what’s appeared to work.  Props for that!  In his appendix, where he presents his own Slow-Carb study, he calls out a couple major faults.  First, that people could be lying about their results (the test was run via the web…so no official weigh-ins or ID checking was done).  And second, the results exclude the drop-outs and people disappointed who didn’t fill out the questionnaire.  This is called survisorship bias and Ferriss admits to the shortcoming (mostly).  Regardless, his results are interesting and if you take it with a grain of salt, there’s value here.

The study reports on 192 participants that followed the Slow-Carb Diet for 30 days.  The study cuts and dices the results in a million different ways (how many exercised, how many counted calories, ages, meals per day…), all very interesting but too much for this blog.  In the end, the average participant lost 21lbs in 30 days with a breakdown of:

Gained 0-22 lbs 4
Lost 0-10 lbs 39
Lost 11-20 lbs 68
Lost  21-30 lbs 35
Lost 31-40 lbs 16
Lost 41-50 lbs 11
Lost >50 lbs 10

If you call bullshit on the 40-50 lbs and >50 lbs groups (like I do — or at least call “caveats”), the results are still pretty good.  Mostly people fall into the 11-20 or perhaps the 21-30lb group if you slide down all those 40+ people.

But how did our castaways compare???  The below chart is jaded in many ways.  Thurston was doing great, but decided it was too rough not being able to drink beer and gave in after four weeks.  The Professor got a temporary job transfer for two months and is living out of a hotel room, so his diet was shut down after 5 weeks.  Ginger was doing the “breakfast only” version and was already at 10% body fat…so what good is that.  And Marianne, that bitch skipped town with all my money…probably to buy a little Mary Jane.  Even so, each of the castaways said it has changed them.  They see food differently.  They are mostly steering clear of empty carbs (except beer) and trying to eat more protein at breakfast…even though most are not officially dieting any longer.

Thurston 202 -7 20.5 21.0 6-2 36
Lovey 202 -8 25.3 26.0 6-0 35
Ginger 164 -1 5-10 36
Professor 194 -5 5-10.5 32
MaryAnne 5-9 38

So, the final results are that we “believe” it works okay, but nothing to the song of 5 pounds a week or 20 pounds in 30 days.  Of course, none of us had 100+ pounds to lose, so that could be a big factor.  We experienced more to the tune or 1-1.5 pounds a week (which is similar to what I experienced when trying this diet a few months back).

But the best thing about the Slow-Carb diet is that it’s easy to implement.  You don’t count calories, you eat when you want, you have a good selection of foods that tastes good.  And, you still get to cheat once a week — which is a big sanity keeper.  What’s even more impressive is that every castaway (except that bitch Marianne) is continuing with a partial diet.  Most are doing “breakfast only” (eat a slow-carb 30g protein meal within one hour of waking).  Others are doing even more…and Lovey is still 100%.

Top 10 of All Time, #8: “Review: Frends “The ALLI” (Over-Ear Headphones)”

No… I did not misspell the maker of these damn-fine headphones, the missing “i” is on purpose…  and for good reason!  Here’s their story:

What is Frends

Frends is a brand platform that follows the theory that “there is no I in Frends”. We believe that frends are the family we choose. We are a collective family who celebrates life though sport, art, music and fashion. Frends provides a platform to share our passion for life and we creatively weave this inspiration through our products. We believe that innovation consists of seeing what everybody has seen and doing what nobody has thought. Welcome to Frends.

While the selection of audio badassery is plentiful at… (Remember our last outing with the Clip?) today I’m talking about just one product:

The recently redesigned ALLI ($35).

So… the most important question when dealing with ANY pair of headphones, “How do they sound”.  Without beating around the bush too much I’ll come right out and say, pretty damn good.  If you are looking for a comparison against some of the speakers we’ve tested in the past like the Beats solo or Klipsch in-ear then you’re missing what the ALLI’s are all about.  They are not designed or built to go blow-for-blow next to these juggernauts of audiophile obsession… no, these are a great pair of regular every-day headphones.  I will say this for the dope cats at Frends and the ALLIs, these are very comfortable, stylish and very good sounding cans for the price.

More detail?  OK.  The design: Clearly built for comfort… the ALLIs are incredibly light-weight for over-the-ear headphones.  At one point, while watching a movie on my iPad, I actually forgot they were on.  The cool part about their build is that even thought they’re light… they are far from fragile.  I felt more than comfortable tossing these into my backpack and traipsing through rugged terrain during a recent outing.  When the time came to add a soundtrack to my surroundings I pulled them out… plopped them on… and they rocked accordingly.  They also have a head-band designed to float over your noggin comfortably close… allowing you to toss a beanie on OVER them.  Comfortable and functional.  AMEN!

The Cord: One thing that many headphone makers seem to overlook (oddly) is the cord.  They either tangle easily or pinch and bind.  Frends recognized this problem and put their design monkeys to work.  They created a truly tangle-free and nice-looking durable cord.  “Yeah-yeah… I had a nylon covered cord before WhiteGlossy and it made a rustling sound every time I moved”, dude… I’ve been there too.  These little mofo’s don’t do that either!  Boom!  Click on the pic to the left for a better look at their design.

The Tech: All the important “great looks” crap aside… these guys even put some of that hi-tech and functional stuff you need in there too.  In fact, you’ll find a bunch of tech you usually see in the higher end headphones, or in-ear models… like the always important microphone and button for taking/making phone calls.  Yeah… those are in there!  

Here are a few more things that you may, or may not, give a damn about… but are important if you’re looking for quality sound:

Bottom line, if you have ears, like the “don’t talk to me” vibe that a set of headphones give off and dig great sound quality… jump on board the Frend train and get some.  They’re comfy, stylish, functional and have wonderful sound… where is the bad in that?

If you’re one of those people who has to have a few cons tossed into the mix… I really only found one thing.  While wearing these out in public I noticed that other people could hear my music too.  Was I listening to it a little louder than I should?  Yeah… it was Hendrix!  But you wanted something to yang out the yin of my positivity right?  These aren’t noise-cancelling cans… and they don’t pretend to be either.

One last thing… here’s a cool little video Frend put together to give you a taste of their vibe and all-around style.  Enjoy:

Top 10 of All Time, #9: “Review: Element Pro Chroma iPhone 4 (and 4s) Case”

Yeah Yeah… I know most of you are super stoked for the iPhone 4s that Apple is going to talk about tomorrow.  However, the reality is… most of the American population is going to take advantage of the super awesome drop in price the iPhone 4 is very likely going to take.

That being said, we’re stepping away from our typical iPhone 4 (and 4s) case review and bringing you something a bit more elite.  Something that makes you usual iPhone case a little scared.  Hell, I’m pretty sure your normal iPhone case just pee’d a little after seeing the title of this article!  Because it already knows awesome is about to be thrown down… and it knows you’re going to be excited.

The Vapor Pro Chroma iPhone Case ($150).  Let me tease you with a little something to get you excited, followed by a pretty picture, before I dive in:  this is made with an aluminum frame “satin finished by bead blasting prior to anodizing” and highlighted with an Ultrasuede back plate.  (yeah… I just got a little wet too)

(Top View Below)

If you’re looking for the quick review… then here it is:  This.  Case.  Is.  A.  Badassmuthafucker!

Looking for the longer version.  Cool.  We’ve tested quite a few cases at the WGUB over this past year (the good ones can be found HERE).  Most of them pretty good in their own way… but none really bringing in the “Wow factor” we were hoping for.  I mean, it is a freaking phone case… how much “Wow” can we really expect anyway.

Then we got our hands on the Pro Chroma.  And I have to admit… I said wow.  For starters the incredibly light-weight frame is made out of a very slick-looking anodized aluminum with a monochromatic bead-blasted surface… which is fancy talk for a silky smooth look.  You truly barely notice it’s on the phone.  Making sure to leave all the right gaps in all the right places, you anchor this bad-boy on and it never needs to be removed.  Let’s actually go back with that last statement… “anchor this bad-boy on”.  This case is actually ATTACHED to your phone with a very badass screw system (check out the pic →).  There is no way this will pop-off when dropped or get stolen during this weekends drunkapalooza… hellz no, this case is designed to protect to its last breath!  Oh, and hey… don’t sweat trying to find the little tools needed to put it together, the smarty-pants at Element case not only provide you with it… but they also give you a cool case to put it in for easy locating.  (pic below)

Love to listen to your music while on the go?  I mean come-on… who doesn’t?!?!  They designed this to perfectly fit your standard headphone jack, easily access the volume buttons and quickly switch the ringer from loud as shit to vibrate.  Everything you’re used to in normalville.  (close-up pics below)

Moving on… Continue reading

Top 10 of All Time, #10: “Hey Guys… Tits or Breasts, okay?”

So, the words to describe them are absolutely endless… knockers, fun bags, sweater kittens, boobies, rack, breasteses, boobs, the girls, the twins, goof balls, jugs, Yahbos, pointer sisters, etc, etc, etc.  Most of those  have hopefully not been uttered past your lips since Jr. High.  But we are here to set the record straight!  Brothers… this is where you need to listen to us.  Listen like you haven’t listened since Mikey told you about the unbelievable first time he got a little tongue while riding on the bus in 5th grade.  We are about to lay a little something special on you guys.  Ready?!?!

Tits or Breasts.  That’s it!!!!  If you are old enough to have pubic hair, then friends… it’s time to grow the f#ck up!  Amongst the boys… let your mad verbal skills fly!  However… if one of the fairer sex is within ear-shot… boys, it’s purely tits or breasts.  Are we understood?  Are you honestly paying attention?  Be a man… and show it with respect.  Tits and Breasts.

Breasts for the more formal or newer ladies in your group… Tits for those of you who are a little more daring or are talking to somebody a bit more on the raunchy side.  But that is it my friends.

Sack-up… Grow-up… and listen to what we are saying.  Everything else is either too immature or too clinical.  Ladies demand your respect.  Tits and Breasts.

Happy Birthday To Us (We’re 5!)

Fire 5Can you believe it… we’re 5 years old this month!  We’ve officially weened ourselves off the teet of mediocrity, and jumped feet-first into the deep-end of mature big-boy websites.  Over the past 5 years we’ve talked about a lot!  From the 25th Anniversary of Goonies, to the best in audio badassery, to Big Ass fans, to everything you’ll ever need to survive a Zombie Apocalypse… and pretty much every other damn thing we could possibly get our hands on.  All-in-all… a 2,422 article smorgasbord of fun “stuff” all designed to tickle your fancy.  Hello… have you seen our Holiday Greeting Cards!?

To celebrate this monumental occasion, we’re going to re-impart some moments of wisdom (including some rare instances of insanity) from our top 10 posts ever!  That’s right… those special moments that you all loved over the past 5 years will be shared once again so you are able to revisit those traumatic moments from your past.  Think of it as therapy with a White Glossy twist.

If you are one of “those” people who absolutely MUST have the surprise spoiled… then below is our list of top 5 posts of all time, ever, from anywhere.  For the rest of you… stay tuned!

  1. Review: Nixon Supertide Watch
  2. Review: JayBird BlueBuds X — How Rude?
  3. PaysteeWhite’s Review: Limp Bizkit – Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water
  4. Review: Bonobos Men’s Clothing (Fit Changes Everything)
  5. 4 Hour Body: Tim Ferriss Broke My Heart
  6. iPhone 6??? It Sure Is!!!
  7. Fat or Fiction — 4 Hour Body diet test
  8. Review: Frends “The ALLI” (Over-Ear Headphones)
  9. Review: Element Pro Chroma iPhone 4 (and 4s) Case
  10. Hey Guys… Tits or Breasts, okay?



Bite the Whiskey Bullet

It is no secret we are big fans of the whiskey around here.  And one of the neatest accessories that has arrived is the Whiskey Bullet ($31.00).  The bullet works much like the famous whiskey stones, but instead you freeze the bullets and then add to your glass to keep your drink not only cold, but not watered down.  778999b21f4460456574ad1907380623 medium

Cause diluting whisky is for pussies.


Happy V-Day from the WGUB!



Happy V-Day from the WGUB!