Bubbling Iphone App.

You may recall when we wrote about a young, troubled youth that had a bit too much time on his hands.  He created what he dubbed “Bubbling” as a creative way to get his rocks off, without actually looking at naked women.  Buckle your seatbelts perverts, cause now there is an Iphone app for that. 

The basic premise is you take a picture, apply a filter over it and then simply create “bubbles” in the picture to only show the parts you want.  They actually work really well and trick your mind into seeing what it really wants to see.   I can only imagine this getting out of hand at bars, clubs, and college football games.  But we leave the social implications to you and Apple who approved the app.  

You can pick it up here for just 99 cents.  We tried it out, let us know what you think of this hottie..

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