I Just Vomited in My Brain… and it’s McD’s Fault!

Sally Davies, a clearly brilliant artist, read something somewhere about the half-life of a McD’s happy meal being never-ending.  Did she sit back and think “Huh, that’s weird”?  Hell no… like any creatively curious person she decided to test it out for herself.

So, on April 10th, 2010 she photographed a McDonald’s happy meal… sitting on a plate… uncovered… untouched… uneaten, and proceded to do take the same photo day after day for 180 days.  The result makes me want to vomit up every McD’s hamburger I’ve eaten in my entire lifetime… and permanently boycott the “burger” joint.  Here you go… a vivid display of Sally’s disturbing results (click pic to start slide show):

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