End of an Alcoholism Era

Our Last Ever Four Loko :(

Well… it was simply a matter of time, and now it’s happened.  Paystee finally buckled to his homoerotic sexual desires towards pigmy goats with giant horns.  Oh wait… that’s not this post.  This post is about the FDA officially calling alcoholic drinks laced with caffeine a “Public Health Concern” prompting some of the most delicious concoctions in your local 7-11 to be pulled from shelves.  Mainly, our beloved Four Loko. (Insert sad face with pouty lips here)

According to CNN.com:

Last week, the FDA sent warning letters to four beverage makers saying the addition of caffeine to alcoholic beverages was not approved by the agency and it was an “unsafe food additive.”

The agency said discussions with the companies resulted in these actions:

— Phusion Projects of Chicago, Illinois, has ceased producing caffeinated alcoholic beverages, is no longer shipping such products and expects to have all of its caffeinated alcoholic beverages off retail store shelves by December 13. Phusion Projects is the maker of Four Loko.

— San Diego, California-based United Brands has ceased shipping its caffeinated alcoholic beverage Joose and expects to have its product off retail store shelves by December 13. United Brands also said that it no longer markets Max, another caffeinated alcoholic beverage listed in the warning letter.

— Charge Beverages Corp. of Portland, Oregon, ceased producing its caffeinated alcoholic beverages, Core High Gravity HG, Core High Gravity HG Orange, and Lemon Lime Core Spiked, in September and has not shipped any caffeinated alcoholic beverages since early November.

— New Century Brewing of Boston, Massachusetts, has ceased manufacturing its caffeinated alcoholic beverage, Moonshot.

In other words… Wha-Wha-WWWHHHHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!  At the WGUB we are huge fans of the now banned Four Loko (Evident HERE, HERE & HERE) and this is a sad time indeed.  The last 4-5 months have been a glorious time of new experiences… amazing new flavors… and black-outs of a monumental level.  All we can do is hope… hope, perchance to dream… dream of a new Four Loko with the mouth-watering ass-kicking intensity of it predecessor.  We have faith it will be back!  In the mean-time… we’ll happily drown our sorrows HERE and keep the good search going for your next favorite party flavor!

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