Hollywood Crack: Hump Day Edition

Is it really only Wednesday?  What the hell people… we’ve seriously got to do something about these 5 day work weeks!!!  I need all of you doing much less work and spending much more time hanging out with Eggshell, Uncle Paystee and ME!!!  A guy can dream can’t he!?!?

To help ease the pain of this ridiculous hump day… here’s a quick mental vacation, all lined up in pretty little white rows of your all-time favorite Hollywood-Crack:

The Hobbit: With this being one of the oldest nerd books out there… it’s not like this movie will have any special plot twists or surprises for people who’ve already read the story.  However, You can say the same about the “Lord of the Rings” Trilogy and that son-of-a-bitch sold a LOT of tickets and DVDs!!!  My point?  Oh yeah.  Since you know the story… the big surprises for the Hobbit will lie in the casting choices.  Big casting announcement #1… Cate Blanchett will be revisiting her role as the beautiful and ghostly Galadriel, the Lady of Lothlorien.  She may be all soft-focusey and wistful… but I’m more looking forward to seeing that hot n’ fiery side of her pop out again!  Pookey!!!  UPDATE HERE

Howard Stern: Eggshell and I were just talking about one of the original Shock-Jocks this morning… then this pops up.  Apparently Sirius XM CFO David Frear publicly stated that he is looking for less expensive content deals now that they are the only satellite radio provider around.  In the statement Frear suggested Stern would need to take a bit of a pay cut when his contract expires Dec 31st (he currently makes $100 mill/year).  Stern’s response?  “I am not taking a f-cking pay cut,”, “Who is this guy to say this in public?”.  He even said he might call his agent a demand a pay raise!  With 60% of all Sirius XM subscribers listening to Stern… home-boy has some weight to toss around!  UPDATE TO THE STORY HERE

The Wolverine:  Okay… it’s REALLY early in the process of this movie and we don’t really have much.  But I’m a big fan of the genre and the character so I wanted to give my personal shout-out.  It’s officially titled “The Wolverine”… Obviously Hugh Jackman is back, this time with a new Director, Darren Aronofsky.  A new Director that asked Hugh to add on 25 lbs of muscle (More than ever before).  Dude… that’s CRAZY!  Oh, and they’ve also released that this movie will not be a sequel in the traditional sense… it will simply be another Wolverine story, not a carry-over of the first flick.

the Hulu Network: “Network” may be a little over-the-top but Hulu is in fact preparing to launch their first ever self-produced series.  It will be an entertainment spot highlighting pop-culture news & events from the past 24 hours… and it will only be 5 minutes long.  Take it from us, if this rockets to greatness expect much more from these guys.  And I have a gut feeling they’ve got the chops to make it happen.

Tron: Legacy: So we may not have been creme-de-la-creme enough to get an advanced screening of this badass little romp headed to your local big-screen Dec 17th, but the reviews are trickling in… and it’s allllll good.  The worst thing I heard is that you may need to see it twice just to completely enjoy all of the complexities which lie beneath the amazing visuals.  It goes without saying (but I will anyway) we cannot F-ing wait for this movie to come out!!!!! And Olivia Wilde… wow.

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