Have Verizon? Have an iPhone? You’re SCREWED!

In a mind-numbingly long Investors relation meeting (which you can listen to via Audio File, watch via webcast and find the full transcripts for HERE) there was some pretty interesting bombs dropped.  Namely, the fact that they are killing unlimited data plans.  Yeah… OUCH!

“Oh… but White Glossy, I have an old-school grandfathered-in unlimited plan.”  Well buddy, you’re getting pissed on too!  As contracts come up for renewal the unlimited portion of their plans will no longer be an option.  Hahahahahahahahahaha… you Verizon people are getting SCREWED!!!!!  Yes I’m an AT&T customer… and yes, my time under the data guillotine is coming some day… but for now, it’s all about you!

All together now… Verizon Blows… Verizon Blows.. Verizon Blows… Verizon Blows…