Found Our Card?

So, you came across one of our cards… quizzically typed in the website printed upon it… and now you’re wondering what the hell you just stumbled into.  Well new friends, you have been drafted into the ranks of the White Glossy Underground Board!!!  Here you’ll find glorious facts about hot new artists, late breaking news about Hollywood’s elite, Sweet new gear just begging you to take it for a spin, new digs to give you that extra summin-summin with the ladies and the best of the best in water-cooler conversation.  Come back often, and we promise to make it worth your while (sometimes we’ll even make ya blush!).  If you find yourself somewhere fun that the whole world might recognize… snap a pic like the one above and send it to us at  We’ll put it on the site for all to see!

Wait… we’re not done with you yet!!!  The question surely rumbling around in that noggin of yours is “Oh My God this website is insanely awesome… but what do I do with this mysterious card now?“.

The answer is this:  Either place it in an envelope, with only the address of your bestest of friends and mysteriously ship it off…. or the next time you’re at your neighborhood coffee shop or in your favorite restaurant, leave it.  Somewhere inconspicuous (Side-Note “Inconspicuous” gets our biggest word of the day award) where another lost and lonely soul can stumble across it and also be enlightened by that which is the WGUB.

Spread the love good friends!!!!  Spread the love… and have one hell of a good day!!!!

PS – Didn’t find one of our little lifechanging cards… but want one?  Or want several so that you too can leave them around for others to find?  Dude, why didn’t you just say so?!?!  Send us an email (once again, and we’ll happily send you a little pack of awesomesauce.  Word!