… How it Should Have Ended

Ok… can we be honest with each other for a minute?  You’re not really working right now.  It’s the Friday before 2 weeks of not really doing anything, and you’re getting a head start.  Nobody is blaming you.  Hell, we’re doing the same thing.

To help you accomplish your task of waiting out the clock, we discovered a fun YouTube page chock-full of good stuff.  What’s it called?  “How it Should have Ended“.HISHEIt’s a pretty funny look at Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters and how they should have ended.  Here’s a sneak peek of their page:

Now, put on your headphones… pour yourself an afternoon cup o’ joe…  head over to their main page HERE… and enjoy!!!

22 Jump Street – Official Red Band Trailer

What did you think about the “21 Jump Street” reboot?  Surprisingly funny… lame… hated it, but watched it 4 times… you and the movie are BFFs and go everywhere together now?  Well, regardless about your feelings… they made another one.  Yup, “22 Jump Street”.

In case you didn’t catch it in the title… this is a RED BAND TRAILER, which means it is not rated.  Which means cussing.  Which means don’t be a tool and blare this out loud on your work computer.  We all know Carl in accounting is uptight about naughty words and the last thing you want is him crawling all up in your boss’ ass-crack complaining about your insubordination.  Am I right?!?!  Grab some headphones, go out to your car and watch it or just wait until you get home.  Either way… enjoy!

Follow Jump Street Movies to see what Jenko & Schmidt are up to:

WGUB & NFPA Bring You – Holiday Safety Tips

While many some of you are simply going to watch this video to see Christmas trees burn to ash in mere seconds or see a Turkey Fryer decimate an area with its incendiary power (that’s my favorite part!), we do hope that at least a few of you take heed in the real message here.  Stuff on fire is awesome… no, turkeys make great bombs… no, it’s to be careful during the holiday season!!!

A Christmas tree may take a few extra minutes every day to care for, but it sure as hell beats spending Christmas morning standing on the curb screaming “WHY MEEEEEEEEE” while Firefighters are sifting through what is left of your lazy-ass life.  Also… simmer down on the Turkey frying, hotter grease does NOT mean it will cook faster… just means you’re about to look like a half melted wax version of yourself (Boom!).  Understood!!!  We care about you, a lot!!!  It’s because of people like you that we have a little place in this world to vent and be geek-o-philes… and we don’t want you going anywhere.  Ever.

Now watch this video by the National Fire Protection Association and be safe!

Make sure you share this with all of your friends… it’s important!!!

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