Oscar Thoughts

Well Oscar night is in the books.  And it went as expected.  “The King’s Speech” was the big winner of the night.  And whereas I didn’t have issue with how much of the evening played out.  I would like to discuss something.  Yes, I’m looking at you Gwyneth Paltrow.

As if your performance with Cee Lo Green on the Grammys wasn’t bad enough, you had to come on and perform some load of crap song from a load of crap movie (Country Strong) on the Oscars last night.  And here is the problem, Paltrow can’t sing.   Look Gwyneth, I’ll let you get by with your paltry acting skills.  But I will draw the line at singing.  Just becasue you are married to the lead singer to Coldplay, sang a duet with Hughy Lewis, and appeared on Glee doesn’t mean you should make this a full time thing.   And now you are busting out a full on country album?  Really?  I’m sorry, but someone has been lying to you about your singing talents.

Thank god Anne Hathaway is hot or the Oscarcast would have been more painful than it was.  How drunk was James Franco?  I’ve never seen anyone  squint so much in my life.

But other than that, I was happy with the Oscars..